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Animal Name Breakfast Set Pink

Animal Name Breakfast Set Pink at the Cheshire Gift Shop

Cheshire Gift Shop supply Mealtime, Animal Name Breakfast Set Pink within 3-5 Days of your Animal Name Breakfast Set Pink order being taken. Delivery on all Mealtime personalised by the Cheshire Gift Shop are Free.

This fun and bright breakfast set actually spells out the child s name in an animal character alphabet For first name only up to 12 characters. Set comes in a lightweight folding box Each Item Measures – 8 Plate – 20. 5cm in diameter x 1. 5cm in depth Bowl – 16cm diameter x 4. 5cm in depth Mug – 7cm in diameter x 8. 5cm in height Please ensure that no numbers are entered into the name field as they will not be produced. Only standard letters are able to be used in this field due to the nature of the font.

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